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4 Effective Ways to Tame Pre-Wedding Jitters

28 July 2022

Planning a wedding can be very stressful. During these times, your stress level can be off the chart which makes you entertain unnecessary thoughts. Pre-wedding jitters are just normal. Your wedding is an important day, and you want it to be a perfect day. If you notice signs of pre-wedding jitters, here are the 4 effective ways to tame them.

Talk to Friends About What is Bothering You

Trying to please everyone including your parents and future in-laws can become too consuming and overwhelming. If you cannot openly talk about it with your fiancé, you can call your friends and invite them to a dinner or a getaway before the wedding schedule to ask them for some advice on what to do. Outsiders’ perspectives like that of your friends help clear your mind and make the right decision. The wedding jitters may be clouding your judgement, thus, asking for your friends’ insights and valuable advice about how they calm their jitters when they were the ones who experienced it before helps you to have a better understanding of the bigger picture.

Take a Day Off Not Thinking About Your Wedding

Pre-wedding jitters typically kick off when the wedding date is nearing. Taking a day off not thinking about your wedding helps clear your mind and calm your anxiety. Wedding discussions could be the culprit of your wedding anxiety, thus, designating a day off once a week or several days a week and not discussing the upcoming marriage helps in resting your mind and making it more relaxed when you need to face the wedding preparations again. Time-off not discussing the wedding day and the overall preparations help calm your mind and ease your anxiety.

Refocus on the Good

Another effective way to tame your pre-wedding jitters is by refocusing on the good. Pre-wedding jitters can trigger bad thoughts and make you entertain scary thoughts that make you reassess what could happen during and after the wedding. To ease the anxiety, you can spend your free time looking at old photos of you and your fiancé, the happy memories you have created in the past and the dreams you have envisioned together when you finally live together as husband and wife. Refocusing on the good and brushing off the bad thoughts also helps you pay attention to the major details of the wedding preparation and be in the moment.

Have A Heart-to-Heart Talk with Your Fiancé

If you have specific concerns about your wedding preparations and what comes after the wedding day, better to talk about them to your fiancé instead of leaving them unaddressed. The things unaddressed would only consume you in the long run, making you always feel on edge and have difficulty concentrating. When you bottled up all the issues, you tend to have difficulty focusing on the relevant matters which could result in pre-wedding anxiety. Anxiety would only bring unnecessary thoughts to your mind, thus, better to have a heart-to-heart talk with your fiancé to immediately address the problem.