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5 Ideas to Make Your Wedding Ceremony Fun and Memorable

13 December 2022

Most couples I encounter are passionate about having a joyful wedding ceremony. They desire an unconventional ceremony more about themselves, their friends, and their family than protocol and tradition. If it describes you and you want to start the celebration immediately, you might consider incorporating some unusual yet fun elements into the ceremony.

Here are five ideas to make your wedding ceremony fun and memorable. These suggestions are for bold, fun-at-all-costs couples, so beware. Those who don’t mind being a little less serious about themselves, even on their wedding day.

Make Your Guest Take a Vow Too

You probably already know about wedding vows, but have you ever considered having your guests take a vow as well? Get everyone on board early, even during the ceremony, if a large party is your big day’s top priority. Have your guests promise to party and have a good time with you at the introduction. Everyone may commit to letting their inner party animal loose in honour of your affection, whether it’s your grandmother or your niece.

Try The Ninja Vows

Although the name may be misleading, Ninja Vows are secret vows given to the celebrant so that your partner can make them without them knowing. Ninja vows are not meant to substitute for personal vows. They can serve as a supplement for individuals who still want to speak on their behalf or as a stand-in for the incredibly bold. Write vows for the other person to read at your ceremony to incorporate Ninja Vows. Neither of you will truly know what to expect until the actual event. It is the pinnacle of mutual trust and belief that nothing should be taken too seriously.

Leave the Choice to Chance

Avoid passive-aggressive comments by leaving the choice to chance if choosing two witnesses may result in serious family conflict. Each visitor will receive a number when they arrive at your event. Two lucky winners will be chosen and instructed to pay extra attention during the ceremony’s serious portion—the legal vows. Letting guests sign the documents that legally register your marriage takes a lot of faith. It demonstrates that those who are present to witness your marriage are, in every way, your closest family and friends.

Call a Friend

Everyone has a friend they would turn to in a crisis. The person you know would bail you out without passing judgment and keep it quiet! It’s your chance to do so without making a big deal out of their loyalty. One of you hands over your phone with this person’s contact information before the ceremony. Everyone is asked to turn their phones back on and up loud for the marriage announcement. The individual whose phone rings gets to take the mic and formally declare this union! Let’s hope they enjoy speaking in front of crowds.

Bring In Ring Security

Those brand-new rings are lovely! Bring ring security if you want to give your ceremony a little personality. It might be children carrying a toy safe while dressed in suits à la Men in Black. Adults might be equally committed to the role as children would be. Alternatively, you might attach a sign on your family pet and ask them to carry the precious cargo up the aisle. Whichever option you choose, it’s a great guest involvement moment that makes everyone smile and applauds the secret service loudly!

If you are interested in incorporating these fun ideas on your wedding day, I, Dwayne Nichols, will be more than happy to make it happen for you. Feel free to browse my website and contact me by calling 0400 831 402. You may also visit my Facebook page for additional information.