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5 Ways to Pull Off Your Ultimate Winter Wedding

08 August 2022

If you are having a wedding in a not-so-typical but most favourite season for weddings, something about the season likely drew you to set it in one of the colder months. It could be the snow, roaring fires, crimson blossoms, or the seasonal colour palettes. Whatever your reason for having your heart set on a winter wedding, it is time for the preparation to commence. If you are one of those soon-to-be brides who love to be wed during the winter season, here are 5 ways to pull off your ultimate winter wedding.

Plan Ahead

One of the most effective ways to pull off your ultimate winter wedding is to plan.  Setting your wedding date in the winter season means you must factor in the travel delays and potential weather issues. Planning and doing the wedding preparation months before the wedding schedule date have a multitude of benefits. Planning all the wedding details translate to a stress-free wedding ceremony and reception. It even provides you with less time to get nervous and stressed during the wedding program when you are supposed to enjoy every bit of the celebration.

Invest In Attires Appropriate for Winter

Investing in weather-appropriate attire and fabrics is very essential with the cooler weather. Choosing weather-appropriate fabric for the dresses of your entourage is a perfect way to keep your girls and your entire entourage feeling comfortable and cosy during the wedding ceremony until the reception. Long dresses paired with scarves are excellent choices to ensure comfort and warmth all day long.

Serve Seasonal Food and Drinks

Keeping the guest warm upon arrival to the venue and during the ceremony is a nice and thoughtful idea. Serving seasonal food like hot soup and drinks like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate is a thoughtful way to keep your guests feeling warm throughout the ceremony. Serving hot staples and great dessert options is also a great way to warm your guests’ tummies.

It is Wise to Keep Your Wedding in One Place

Wedding experts recommend keeping your wedding in one place to centralise the wedding ceremony. Having the wedding celebration in one setting or near to each other prevents the guests to wander off and miss any important part of the wedding program if they must travel from one location for the ceremony to another location for the reception. So, for the safety reasons and convenience of the guests, try keeping the whole wedding in one location.

Add Drama and Romance with Candles and Some Lighting

During the winter season, it will be dark quite early than usual. To add some drama and romance to your wedding theme, try placing candles and some lighting. It will not only fully illuminate the entire wedding venue but will also turn your dream romantic winter wedding into a reality. Placing candles and lighting strategically sets the whole mood of your wedding ambience. The mere presence of some lighting and candles can completely transform not just the look of the venue but also change the vibe of everything.

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