Marriage Celebrant Fees: Get the Best Value with Dwayne Nichols

Marriage Celebrant Fees: Get the Best Value with Dwayne Nichols

07 December 2023

Marriage Celebrant Fees

Unlock the best value for marriage celebrant fees with Dwayne Nichols. Book now for a memorable ceremony that fits your budget. Call 0400 831 402 today!

People often ask us why marriage celebrants charge what they do. It’s an important question. The price of a deal is based on a lot of different things, and it all depends on how the celebrant runs their business. Dwayne Nichols, a renowned Marriage Celebrant in Melbourne, understands the importance of flexibility and customisation when it comes to wedding ceremonies. With a range of packages designed to cater to different preferences, Dwayne Nichols ensures that every couple gets the best value on the marriage celebrant fees for their special day.

Simple Ceremony Package

For those seeking a straightforward and hassle-free legal marriage ceremony, Dwayne Nichols offers the “Simple Ceremony” package. This package is perfect for couples who prefer a minimalist approach while still ensuring that all the legal requirements are met. Here’s what this package includes:

• Registry-Style Legal Elements: Dwayne Nichols will take care of all the legal aspects, ensuring that the paperwork is completed correctly and efficiently.

• One Pre-Wedding Meeting: A single meeting is scheduled to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage paperwork, making the process as smooth as possible.

• Intimate Setting: This package accommodates up to five people, including the celebrant, the couple, and two witnesses (to be provided by the couple).

• Paperwork and Lodgment: Dwayne Nichols handles all the necessary paperwork, including support letters if required, and ensures that the official certificates are properly lodged.

• Convenient Location: The ceremony can be held at your home or a nearby park in the same suburb as your home, providing convenience and comfort.

Personalised Package

For couples who desire a more personalised and unique wedding ceremony, Dwayne Nichols offers the “Personalised” package. This comprehensive package is designed to cater to your specific preferences, ensuring that your wedding ceremony is a reflection of your love story. Here’s what the “Personalised” package entails:

• Tailored Wedding Ceremony: Dwayne Nichols collaborates closely with you to create a personalised wedding ceremony that aligns with your vision and values, complete with all the necessary legal elements.

• Meetings and Rehearsal: You’ll have meetings as needed to ensure that every detail is perfect, and if requested, a rehearsal will be conducted to ensure a seamless ceremony.

• Unlimited Communication: Dwayne Nichols believes in being readily available to you, offering unlimited phone and email contact to address any questions or concerns you may have throughout the planning process.

• Travel Within 100km: This package includes travel within 100km of Essendon, ensuring that Dwayne Nichols can officiate your wedding at the location of your choice. (Additional fees may apply for greater distances.)

• Quality PA System: Enjoy high-quality sound with a PA system equipped with microphones for music before, during, and after the ceremony, ensuring that every word is heard clearly.

Dwayne Nichols of Marriage Celebrant Melbourne understands that every couple is unique, and that’s why he offers these customisable packages to suit your individual needs and preferences. With his expertise and dedication to crafting memorable wedding ceremonies, you can trust Dwayne Nichols to provide the best value for your special day.