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Marriage Celebrant Tips That Can Help You Choose the Perfect Song for Your Wedding Dance

28 March 2023

The first dance you perform as a married couple in front of your closest friends and family is arguably the most memorable part of a wedding reception. That makes picking a first dance song during wedding planning one of the most difficult and crucial decisions. While some people leave the decision to their marriage celebrant, it’s worth your time to look into what you and your partner love.

Choosing a song with the ideal tone, tempo, and lyrics for your first dance can be challenging. Any song you decide on will ultimately represent “yours” for the rest of your shared existence. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect song for your wedding dance to add even more particular touches to your wedding.

Identify a Shared Musical Interest

Sit down with your lover and attempt to limit the options by concentrating on the genre of music you both enjoy. Finding a point of the agreement should be your first move because your musical preferences may differ. To identify the musical subgenres you both enjoy, try listing them out.

Combine All of Your Music Collections and Play Them in Shuffle Mode

This is the perfect moment to start if you’re still in the planning stages of your wedding. Consider putting your music libraries on shuffle whenever you and your partner are planning your wedding. You might be genuinely surprised to discover a few songs you and your partner enjoy; it might be exactly what you’re looking for. Make a note of any dance-worthy music so you may compile a list of potential songs.

Ponder About Your Love Story

Consider some key events that have shaped your relationship in the past. Do you have a strange or amusing tale about how you two met? Perhaps your friendship began as a love-hate relationship before you both realised you had feelings for one another. By drawing inspiration from those instances, you can undertake your research and find a song that, in part or in full, communicates your story. You should look for something that reflects the two of you and the adventure you’ve taken together.

Don’t Be Afraid to Break the Norm

Any wedding would benefit from a traditional slow dance, but if you choose to get down and funky to a happy song, there’s no stopping you. If you think a particular song isn’t appropriate for a wedding, don’t allow anyone to tell you otherwise. You can choose the song you’ll dance to at your wedding because it’s your big day. Do not be scared to be out of the ordinary, whether you enjoy dancing the tango, skip, jive, or breakdance.

Enlist Your Celebrant’s Help

The greatest choice will be to hire a marriage celebrant in Melbourne to guarantee that you and your guests have a great time on your big day. Dwayne Nichols from Marriage Celebrant Melbourne can help give you song suggestions. You can work with Dwayne to choose the ideal song by presenting your possible dance songs.

The song you choose for your first dance doesn’t have to be stressful. As you work down your list of potential songs, determine your shared musical interest. Your chosen song doesn’t need to be flawless or timeless. The important thing is that both of you will enjoy dancing to that song! Available to work throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria. Contact us now at 0400 831 402 or fill out or enquiry form to book an appointment! You may also visit our Facebook page for additional information.