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Past vs Present: Know the Most Common Wedding Traditions in Australia and their Modern-Day Counterparts

28 September 2021

With the ascent of web-based media and the way that many couples now live together before they wed, wedding traditions have changed. Know the most common wedding customs in Australia and their modern-day counterparts.

Engagement Announcements

Share your news with your friends and family before you report it to the world. This is an extremely uncommon notion as I’m sure it makes a great Instagram-able moment, but your loved ones will love to hear the news directly rather than reading about it on the internet.

Bridal Parties -> Wedding Parties

Generally, the term “wedding party” is preferred toold fashioned “bridal party”, as it may not be appropriate in all situations.Wedding parties aretypically comprised of a similar number of bridesmaid’s and groomsmen. Today, there are no limitations, you may just as well have bridesmates and groomsgals if you wish. It’s your event, and you can have those who are most important to you stand byyouin wedding parties. It’s likewise not strange to request family to be apart of your party, for example, having your mother as your lady of honour. After all, it’s tied in with sharing your wedding with those nearest to you.

Father-of-the-Bride Aisle Walk

Although it is customary for the bride’s father to walk her down the path, these days you can ask any individual who is important to you. That might be mum, stepdad, brother or sister. You can even walk alone or with more than one individual. It is dependent upon you who, if anybody, walks you down the aisle.

Wedding Invitations

In opposition tomodern innovation, sending out paper wedding invitations is still the best approach. Your visitors get many texts and messages each day, so an actual wedding invitation is substantially more meaningful than a computerised invitation and gives the wedding invite a more close to home and exceptional touch.

Child-Free Weddings

Most visitors will be excited to leave their youngsters at home and partake in a thrilling evening, anyway, some people will be offended to get a kid-free wedding invitation. Youngster free weddings are becoming popular, especially for cocktail party settings. In this way, on the off chance that you do get a youngster free wedding invitation, be courteous and acknowledge the lady and lucky man’s choice. All things considered, it’s their wedding. Equally, some may offer child minding.

White for the Bride

White ought to be held for the bride, regardless of whether she doesn’t wear it! It is not the done thing to upstage the couple on their wedding day, so observe the standard and don’t sport white to a wedding. Dark likewise used to be a no-no, however these days as long as you split it up and don’t seem as though you are going to a memorial service, dark is very satisfactory.