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Struggling with Wedding Menu Decisions? Modern Wedding Food Ideas Your Guests Will Surely Love

18 October 2021

Couples are moving away from a three-or four-course dinners where the food is brought to guests by waitstaff and opt for stand up cocktail or self-serve food stations. Nowadays, guests have the chance to eat and mingle, since there’s less table-time and more interaction.  Regardless of how you choose to serve your food on your day, ensure you create a menu that reflects who you are as a couple. Considering how to limit every one of your choices? We recommend customising your wedding menu to your love story.

The main thing is to tailor your wedding menu to your very own taste. If you’re truly struggling to decide, go with your most loved foods (regardless of whether it’s sushi or filet mignon). Customise your reception to make the day your own. Work with your caterer to create a wedding menu that is heavenly and significant.

Ace tip: Make sure to incorporate a couple of vegetable choices if you have any veggie lovers or vegans going to your wedding ceremony.

Voyaging Seafood Station

While pricier, no doubting the popularity of seafood especially in summer, doubly so if you have your wedding close to the beach. Shellfish make great entrees, while mains can incorporate any sort of seafood you’d like: lobster ravioli, sashimi or popcorn shrimp.

Exquisite Comfort Food

Comfort food, however, make it fancy. A reduced down barbecued cheddar matched with a small serving of tomato soup feels elevated, and the tasty food will keep your guests fulfilled (or going after more). This goes for any sort of comfort food you like.

Sushi Station

Setting up a sushi station is so fun because your guests have absolute control. They can pick the number of rolls they need and what sort of roles they need as well. In addition, it’s a light food that offers a lot of customisation and is very popular.


Perhaps it’s the Melbourne supporter in me, but it’s well-known that fact everybody enjoys charcuterie. It tends to be hard for guests to serve themselves however, in case there’s a crowd at the table. Enter this imaginative wedding menu thought: charcuterie in a single serve. Pass out a pre-made combination of cheeses, meats, wafers and organic products for your loved ones to appreciate.

Brewery Basics

Regardless of whether you’re saying “I do” at a brewery or your go-to night out on the town, it is fun to check various blends in your nearby town. At your wedding ceremony, by serving your guests a flight or food and brew.