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Three Most Important Things to Do When Planning for a June Wedding

12 April 2022

Many people consider June to be an ideal time to schedule a wedding. This brisk month of winter offers myriad attractive venues, including a lofty mountainside resort and a charming, inviting seaside inn with a panoramic view. Perhaps your choice is an exciting city hotel complex with plenty of activity and events or a featured resort at a favourite travel destination.

However, to secure your desired venue and date for a stunning and memorable June wedding, you need to start planning well ahead of time. Since June is such a popular month for marriage vows exchanged in romantic locales, both your favoured venue and desired vendors must be booked and confirmed well in advance.

Three Essential Things to Do When Planning for a June Wedding

Three of the most important things to do when planning for a June wedding include the following:

1. Decide on a Sensible Budget. When planning your budget for a June wedding, be sure to allocate extra funds for securing your desired venue. Attractive and popular locations for weddings are more expensive to book during the peak winter season.

Your choice of caterers, florists, musicians and photographers may also be prebooked for the month of June well ahead of time. These important players for the staging of your wedding nearly always charge higher fees during the busy winter months.

2. Avoid Major Holidays for Your Wedding Date. It is best to avoid setting your wedding date on, right before or right after a major holiday. Scheduling your marriage ceremony and celebration on these days can prevent many invited guests from attending.

The days surrounding major holidays are typically spent by many people as travel days to and from popular venues for other winter activities.

3. Select a Menu and Flowers that Can Resist Winter Weather. If your wedding venue is in a locale with a cold winter climate, work with your florist to select appropriate flowers like roses, lilies and gardenias that can easily stay fresh on a cold delivery day. Evergreen branches or holly cuttings are also good choices for staying fresh throughout the winter.

Plan a refreshing menu with your caterer for your reception and wedding feast. Trays of hot h’ordouevres surrounded by attractive fruits and vegetables can enhance your lovely wedding cake, champagne and punch display. The marvellous wedding feast to follow can feature your favourite hot entrĂ©es, vegetable dishes and condiments followed by your selection of irresistible, flavourful desserts.

By consulting our experts at Marriage Celebrant Melbourne located in Essendon, Victoria, you can receive valuable advice concerning the most important things to do when planning a June wedding. Our professionals will work closely with you to plan and arrange all aspects of your special day far before the date approaches.

Our experienced team will guide you in selecting the ideal venue, caterer, florist, musicians and more to ensure that your beautiful winter wedding completely satisfies and even surpasses all of your desires, expectations and needs.