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What are The Most Important Questions to Ask Your Marriage Celebrant?

30 May 2022

Wedding preparations can be a daunting task especially if you have to juggle other duties and at the same time doing all the wedding plans. That is why brides nowadays would opt to hire a marriage celebrant to do the wedding planning not just to lessen the tasks but also to ensure that every detail is taken into account. It is understandable to have doubts at the onset. So, for you to have an idea about the wedding preparation package, here’s a list of the most important questions to ask your marriage celebrant.

How much will the overall wedding cost?

You must ask your marriage celebrant about the overall cost. Ask about how much would it cost to hire the marriage celebrant and the entire wedding preparation cost for you to be able to prepare your budget.

What are the inclusions?

If the marriage celebrant offers wedding packages, it is also very essential that you ask what the inclusions for every package set are. In this way, you can weigh all your options and determine what package you can afford and the ideal package to choose.

Is the deposit refundable in case of cancellation or postponement?

Asking about the refundability of your deposit in case you cancel or postpone your wedding is equally important. Asking this important question will let you determine if the marriage celebrant offers a fair guarantee.

 What paperwork is required?

Aside from the above questions, you must also have to ask your marriage celebrant about the required paperwork that you have to prepare before the wedding as well as the dates of submission for each paperwork for you to be able to set a proper timeline for the paperwork procurement. Ask also if they will be the one to take of all the legalities.

Do you provide a one-day edit wedding video or photos?

Before hiring your marriage celebrant, you can also ask them if they provide a one-day edit wedding video or wedding photos capturing your entire wedding ceremony. Wedding videos are becoming a trend nowadays, so, it is better to ask your marriage celebrant at the onset of the wedding video and captured photos are already included with the wedding preparation fee you have paid.

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