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Your Wedding is Like an Olympic Event

04 August 2021

Without stretching an analogy to breaking point, have you ever thought about how a wedding is kind of like an athletic event? The weather has been provided us ample opportunity to spend some time indoors, and we’ve fortunate to have the Olympics at the same time.

How many times have you watched an event at the Olympics and been amazed by the performance. Especially in sports that you know and may have watched a thousand times before. Then think to yourself – how would I go in that competition? You may have even competed in primary or high school, so you have a vague memory of how you do it.

Better yet, how would you go coaching someone else to do their best in that sport.

A wedding is a performance – but like that sport you watched a million times, knowing what the ideal outcome is compared to how you actually start and the process to get there is quite a different thing.

My role as a marriage celebrant is to be your coach – to get couples through wedding nerves, through the unknowns around paperwork and preparation, through the latest regulations around Covid – everything to craft an event that allows you to perform at your golden best.

Here’s what Susi, a recent client of mine had to say:

Dwayne provided excellent service to us as a marriage celebrant. To make our special day even more special, he spoke in Hungarian as well because my husband’s English is not so good. Dwayne was so helpful and easy to communicate with and he is a very organised and thoughtful person. We highly recommend him!

I’m looking to help couples that need guidance through the marriage process, and are planning a wedding early next year.

Contact me through, or on 0400 831 402 and I will help get you from the starting line to a podium finish.