2023 Wedding Trends to Look Forward To

2023 Wedding Trends to Look Forward To

09 January 2023

You’re in for a treat if you’re planning a wedding for 2023! This year, there are a tonne of jaw-dropping wedding trends that are expected to be very popular. My name is Dwayne Nichols, and as a leading marriage celebrant in Melbourne, I can help with everything from unique colour schemes to brand-new suggestions for your ceremony and celebration. Learn more about the most amazing wedding trends for 2023 by reading on.

Bold and Unique Colour Palettes

Bold and unique colour palettes are among the biggest trends we’re anticipating for this year of 2023. Say goodbye to pastel colours and the white dress. More and more couples are choosing bold colour choices that perfectly capture their personalities. If you’re organising a wedding for 2023, don’t be afraid to try some uncommon colour combinations. And keep in mind that it is your wedding, after all, so your preference is most important.

Creative Ceremony Backdrops

The use of creative ceremony backdrops is another major trend I expect this year. I adore the creative ways that couples organise their wedding ceremonies. There are numerous ways to make your reception area distinctive, such as statement arches and hanging plants. Additionally, this will make your wedding photos even more stunning.

Fun and Festive Reception Celebration

The entertainment you choose for your wedding reception should make it a joyful and entertaining celebration of your marriage. The days of hiring a band or DJ are long gone. Couples are now choosing more original and engaging types of entertainment. Everything from aerialists to fire dancers is on display. When choosing entertainment for your wedding, look outside the box if you want it to be genuinely memorable.

Sustainable Wedding Celebration

In 2023 and beyond, finding single-use plastics and products that harm the environment will be challenging. Whether through locally sourced cuisine or environmentally friendly wedding favours, couples embrace their special day as an opportunity to lessen their impact. Helping the environment is a great way to celebrate love and union.

Get Back to the ’80s

Why not embrace the 80s on your wedding day, as they are making a big comeback?  There are a lot of ways to bring back the old vibes with style. Puff sleeves, layers of organza, and some really theatrical details should all be anticipated.

So there you have it—the top wedding trends for 2023. I am eager to see what surprises this year has for us. Considering getting married in 2023? Make your wedding day a memorable celebration with me, Dwayne Nichols of Marriage Celebrant Melbourne.

Your wedding is a special occasion that should be remembered and cherished by the people who mean the most to you. Weddings, though, can be a major affair. There are many things to consider, including selecting the appropriate flowers, arranging invites, booking the perfect venue, choosing your dream dress, and the ceremony, which is the formal event that makes everything official and legitimate. Fortunately, that’s my job as your marriage celebrant, and I’m here to make the most important part of your wedding simple for you.

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