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Four Reasons Why Your Wedding Venue and Reception Matter

25 February 2022

On your wedding day, you and your partner want to be completely in the moment. You want to be totally absorbed in the beauty and significance of this very special ceremony and celebratory event. When you engage the services of an experienced professional marriage celebrant, you and your significant other can be free to focus on every aspect and detail of this lovely, most memorable occasion in your life together.

Four Major Reasons for the Importance of Your Wedding Venue and Reception

Four important reasons why your wedding venue and reception matter when planning this very special day and event include the following:

1. Your Wedding Should Be Unique. Your wedding should be a unique occasion of beauty and joy for you and your future husband or wife. It should celebrate your love and devotion to one another while exhibiting features and qualities that reflect your special interests and preferences. The wedding and reception venue(s) should be located in your favourite setting(s), displaying your choice of style and surroundings.

2. You Want to Create a Truly Memorable Occasion. When planning your wedding ceremony and reception, you want to design an occasion in a setting that everyone will remember fondly. You want to please and delight yourselves, your wedding party and all of your guests.

Your goal is to celebrate your marriage in a lovely wedding venue with your family and closest friends. You want the wedding ceremony and reception to create a memorable bond and event for everyone present to remember with joy and elation.

3. You Want to Clarify Your Personal Aesthetics as a Couple. Your wedding celebrant can be of great help in clarifying your personal aesthetics as the bride and groom of this lovely occasion. An experienced wedding planner can assist you in understanding your ideal wedding style, carefully designed to celebrate your personal aesthetics as a couple.

For example, a traditional hotel ballroom or contemporary art museum lobby may be a beautiful, fashionable venue for a wedding and reception. Yet if your ideal setting is the great outdoors, an oceanside locale or mountain resort may be your best choice.

4. You Want a Stylish Yet Comfortable Venue with Amenities. Some settings are both wedding and reception venues, offering all of the essentials and amenities. These venues provide customised catering, audio-visual rentals and live entertainment as desired.

Others may offer a basic clean empty space that you will need to design and furnish. Many outdoor settings are of this second type. However, less equipment and amenities often are required in the natural beauty of these outdoor event settings.

When you consult our experts at Marriage Celebrant Melbourne located in Essendon, Victoria, you will receive excellent advice concerning wedding and reception venues. Our experienced company, headed by Marriage Celebrant Dwayne Nichols, serves clients throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Our team will guide you in selecting the ideal stunning venue for your special day. They will ensure that your wedding and reception venue(s) completely satisfies and even surpasses all of your desires, expectations and needs.