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How to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding Preparation

28 April 2023

There are countless ways to include your pets in your wedding, and it all depends on your preferences. Although there are countless options, here are seven adorable ways your pet will fit perfectly into your wedding.

Pre-Nuptial Shoot

Using your pets as a focal point of your pre-wedding shoot is a wonderful way to include them in your wedding imaginatively. It’s also a good way to show your audience that you and your partner love pets. There are a ton of ways that you can include your pet in your pre-wedding photos. You can do it on an outdoor or indoor shoot. It all depends on your preference.

Save The Date Cards

Although save-the-date postcards are perceived as an additional expense for wedding budgets, you cannot deny their significance as it communicates important details about your wedding before the official invitation arrives. You can give your guests time to prepare for your wedding with save-the-date cards. Some couples include their pets to spice up and add intrigue to the save-the-date photo shoots. Some couples even dress their pets for the sake of adding creativity.

Ring Bearer

The rings serve as a representation of the couple’s unwavering love. What a wonderful idea to have your pet companion carry your wedding rings down the aisle. But not every pet can serve as a ring bearer. Your pet is the perfect fit for this role if he is not temperamental or unruly among a large group of people. The rings can be fastened to your pet in a variety of ways. They can have it wrapped on their back with a tiny cushion, fastened in their collar, and embellished with ribbons and flowers. You have a ring bearer that is both adorable and special.

Card Bearer

Although everyone naturally wants to spend their wedding with significant people, many couples struggle to decide whom to invite. So, when pets may be included, why restrict it to people only? Funny how your guests can’t help but ooh and ahh at these darling babies as they parade down the aisle in tutus or bowties. Such expressions as “My homies are getting married! “or “Here comes the bride! ” Or the innocent-yet-funny question, “Has anyone seen the rings?”  Use your imagination on this one, and the possibilities are limitless.

Wedding Prints

Have your pet’s photo printed on your menu, invitation, table numbers, seat assignments, or anything else you can think of if you cannot bring your pet to the ceremony or reception in person. Never restrict your imagination, and never let your pet’s energy prevent you from thinking about them being present at the party. Simply specify your wishes for the caricatures to your chosen artist to ensure that their aesthetic matches the theme of your wedding.

The commitment to incorporating your pets in your wedding is significant. Determining what part best suits their personality is difficult, and finding a venue that allows pets on their property can be challenging. Nevertheless, we can make it happen with the help of Dwayne Nichols of Marriage Celebrant Melbourne.