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Make Your Spring Wedding Just Perfect with Dwayne Nichols Marriage Celebrant

08 November 2022

Fresh blooms and attractive pastel colours may come to mind when thinking of springtime, but those aren’t the only eye-catching elements for spring weddings. For spring wedding celebrations, modern couples are combining traditional aspects with sharp contrasts, such as black accents and modern embellishments.  Dwayne Nichols of Marriage Celebrant Melbourne is sharing the most popular spring wedding ideas that can bring your ideal spring wedding to life in case you need more inspiration.

Go All Out with Floral Wreaths and Corsages

Flowers are a must if you’re having a Spring wedding, but instead of just using the standard bouquets and buttonholes, why not go all out with floral corsages and wreaths? The mother of the bride and the groom can wear corsages, while the bridesmaids and flower girls can wear floral wreaths in their hair. Include some exquisite fake butterflies to give the effect of real ones.

Different Coloured Bridesmaids’ Dresses

A spring wedding looks beautiful with bridesmaid dresses of various colours, especially chiffon. For a Spring wedding, chiffon is the ideal fabric because it is lightweight and breathable. That guarantees that your bridesmaids won’t be burdened by layers of heavy fabric that will make them perspire. We’re sure they’ll appreciate your considerate choice. Of course, this also applies to the flower girls.

Light Coloured Suits for the Boys

The boys have a “Spring” choice, similar to how the girls would dress in light material. To keep them cool during your very long Spring wedding day and night, choose light-coloured suits that reflect heat rather than the conventional black or dark blue suits that absorb it.

Bring Back the Childhood Fun

Why do weddings have to be so serious? Of course, when it comes to the vows, we should be respectful, but the after-ceremony celebration may be a lot of fun. Spring weddings are becoming more and more reminiscent of childhood thanks to whimsical accents like balloon displays and nostalgic settings like campgrounds. By upgrading classic childhood favourites like mac ‘n cheese and rice crispy treats as late-night snacks and theming your photo booth after Marvel superheroes, you can take this concept to the next level.

Don’t Forget The Tropical Touches

Tropical wedding decorations are the epitome of sunny weather. It’s no surprise that a tropical theme is popular for spring weddings; king protea bouquets, orchid centrepieces that drip, and birds of paradise boutonnieres will all give your wedding a South Pacific vibe. That said, it doesn’t always mean that you should stage a full-on luau; instead, you can save the plastic leis, tiki torches, and palm trees for pool parties.

Look Towards The Future For Inspiration

Many more couples today are looking toward the future and incorporating neon lights and 3D projections into their celebration while many other couples are still looking to the past for inspiration. You can go all out with pearlescent fabrics and neon lighting installations, or you can add subtle details like a personalised neon sign over your bar or iridescent glassware on the tabletops.

Spring is the perfect time to go all out with your wedding. Make your dream Spring wedding come to life with the help of Dwayne Nichols. Seeing happy people is always a joy in life and having the ability to help people be happy is easily one of the most fulfilling things that we can do. Please contact me if you have any questions.