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Marriage Celebrant Melbourne Helps You Create an Intimate Wedding

10 October 2022

We’ve had to adapt the way we plan social occasions since Covid-19 took over our lives, employment, social media feeds and even weddings. While most of us have found it difficult to adjust, there is always a silver lining. Small intimate weddings are the silver lining in the wedding planning arena!

This may not have been in your plans before Covid, but let me tell you, there’s something quite magical about an intimate wedding. It enables you to add personal touches, and special features, and interact with your loved ones. It’s also quite romantic! I’m Dwayne Nichols, a marriage celebrant who enjoys arranging intimate weddings, and I’ve prepared a list of things to consider as you begin your planning. There are also a few ways to add that magical touch.

Choose a Unique and Meaning Venue

An intimate wedding allows for all kinds of opportunities that larger weddings do not. With fewer people, you can hold your wedding in more distinctive and significant venues. Such as on a luxurious yacht, on a remote beach, in the woods, or even in your backyard. Even if you want to use the same venue as when you had a larger guest list, a reduced number allows you to be more creative in your use of the available space. You can include a lounge area for guests to relax in, food stations, or a bar.

Consider a large banquet table under a tree, a personal meeting in the vineyard, or a private supper under a modest luxury marquee for outdoor weddings. Think beyond the box and hunt for the ideal venue for your smaller party to make the entire experience more intimate.

Make Your Decor Luxe and Personal

Just because it’s a small wedding doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to the decor. You have even more freedom to make it luxurious and unique. And if you have some extra money to indulge, you can treat your loved ones to a 5-star experience.

Think about gold silverware, crystal glasses, specialised napkins, magnificent blooms, fairy lights, and plenty of candles for table decor. Rich textures like French linen and velvety velvet add a luxurious touch. It’s the small details that make the most difference.

Consider an Intimate Seating and Table Arrangements

An intimate wedding allows you to spend more time with the people you care about the most. Why not set up a single table for you and your loved ones to enjoy the festivities? Long tables are ideal for this, and they may look stunning with lots of candles and fairy lights draped across them. Otherwise, go the bohemian route with low comfy seats and more opportunities to mingle. Look for methods to make your seating area even cosier, such as positioning it near a toasty fireplace or stacking rugs and blankets beneath the stars.

Personalise Your Wedding Favours

Because your intimate wedding will have fewer guests, you will have the opportunity to add a truly personal touch to your wedding favours to show how much you value their presence. Consider writing a personal note to them; using photos of yourself together or providing a welcome or recovery box (after a long night of celebration!) according to your visitors’ preferences. Your guests will feel extra special knowing you considered them personally during the wedding preparation process.

Intimate weddings are the silver lining in these strange times and connecting with our loved ones in this unique moment is critical.  If you’d like to learn more about how I can arrange your intimate wedding, I’ve included some planning resources on my website. You can also reach me at 0400 831 402.