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Marriage Celebrant: The Main Supporting Character for Your Wedding Day

08 March 2023

It can occasionally be unclear to couples getting married what the marriage celebrant will do on the big day. You may even start to wonder, “What does a celebrant do?”

However, there is much more to becoming a celebrant than simply marrying a couple on a special day, and a lot of preparation goes into making sure everything goes as planned. A marriage celebrant in Melbourne will not merely show up on the wedding day and perform a fast ceremony. You’re hiring the star of the supporting cast for your wedding. So, if you need more clarification on what a celebrant offers your wedding preparation process, here is everything they can accomplish from before the wedding to after the honeymoon.

The Initial Meeting

The initial meeting with a celebrant is typically informal so you can get to know them better. Meeting your celebrant before you book them is the first step since choosing a marriage celebrant who matches the vision for your wedding day is important.

Wedding Ceremony Preparation

The actual ceremony’s wording is the next thing you’ll work on with your celebrant after you’ve made your booking. If the celebrant hasn’t done so yet, they will describe the many types of ceremonies they have conducted so that you may get a sense of what will best suit your vision. Regardless of the ceremony style you like, your celebrant will put everything together and plan the perfect wedding for you.

Helps You in Writing Your Vows

If you are writing your vows, your celebrant is also terrific support and can offer assistance. You should match your vows in tone, style, and even duration, which you might not always consider. Your celebrant can serve as a wonderful third party to whom you and your spouse can send your vows to ensure they are consistent. You can check out this blog if you need help writing your wedding vows as a couple.

Handles All the Legal Stuff

A marriage celebrant will take care of all the paperwork when it comes to the legal aspects so that you won’t have to. This entails ensuring all your identification, and the necessary documents for your marriage licence are completed in advance. Additionally, it includes making certain that your witnesses’ information is accurate and that they can clearly hear and see you say, “I do.”

On the Day of the Wedding

They effectively serve as the MC for the ceremony, inviting people to your venue to fill chairs, letting people know whether your wedding will be unplugged, stating when photos will be taken, announcing what will happen after the ceremony and whatever programs or games (if any) you can expect or participate in. A professional celebrant will also know where to stand during the ceremony so you can take the greatest photos. A floating head in the centre of your first kiss shot is the last thing you want.

After the Wedding

The duties of a celebrant continue even after the wedding ceremony. They will file all of the legal paperwork to Birth, Deaths, and Marriages on your behalf so that your marriage is legitimately recognised while you are away on your honeymoon. You’ll have to take care of this yourself in other states. However, if you’re unsure about the laws in your state, your celebrant will be able to inform you.

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