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Modern-Day Wedding Ideas: Check Out These Creative and Personalised Ideas for Your Wedding Party

04 October 2021

The large trend we’re finding in weddings today?Non-traditional ones. You can have two maids of honour, a mate of honour, shaded wedding outfits, grooms women, and white bridesmaids dresses, just to give some examples. One of the most difficult aspects of preparing a wedding can be picking who’s at your wedding party.

For certain couples, deciding who to incorporate can be a tough choice. Others might be reluctant to request their friends and family to take on the expense of being a bridesmaid or groomsman. However, as weddings become progressively modern and customised, more individuals are making their own choices over customs with regards to their wedding parties

‘I Do Crew’

Rather than wearing coordinating with dresses or suits, individuals in this gathering will wear a similar shade, or colour as a theme, even stand out with the same bouquets asthe couples wedding party.

Flash Mob Ceremony

What if you don’t want to walk down the aisle? What if there wasn’t even an aisle? Instead, couples choose to start “flash mobstyle,” where the wedding “begins of no place” or individuals in the wedding party “come in together from where they are” rather than strolling in two by two.

Edible Bouquets

For couples who value sustainability, picking edible flower bundles over rich decorative designs can assist with reducing waste at their wedding. Edible floral displayare likewise a creative way for couples to add an individual touch, or gesture to their characters, to their big day.

Groomsgals and Bridesmates

Surround yourself with the people you love. They are your friends and family, so why get hung up on convention when you can choose people that will support you. Incorporate special people into your wedding party – you might want to balance up numbers, but it’s your wedding, so do what you feel is right.