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Renew Your Wedding Vows with Marriage Celebrant Melbourne

12 April 2023

Many couples decide to renew their vows for several reasons. Some couples might decide to do this to celebrate a noteworthy anniversary or milestone, while others might do it to invite loved ones or friends who couldn’t attend their wedding. Marriage Celebrant Melbourne prepared this simple guide to delve deeper into what renewal of wedding vows really means.

Is the Renewal of Wedding Vows Necessary?

Couples could decide to renew their vows a second time due to time or financial restraints, family members who live in various places, or other considerations. Some people may have married in a civil ceremony and prefer to renew their vows to celebrate with family and friends. Some couples might decide to redo their vows so their kids can witness the event, while others just want to. There is no restriction on the number of times you can renew your vows; it is entirely up to the couple. As it is a celebration of marriage and a strengthening of the partnership and promise made on the wedding day, renewal of wedding vows can frequently make couples feel closer to one another and give them a sense of togetherness.

When Is the Right Time to Renew Your Wedding Vows?

A vow renewal ceremony can be carried out any time after the wedding because it is not legally binding. For some couples, a vow renewal ceremony is the only appropriate way to celebrate a significant wedding anniversary, such as the 10th, 25th, or even 50th. Some couples decide to renew their vows to celebrate the birth of a child, the reunion of distant relatives, the recovery of one partner from a catastrophic illness or accident, or what they see as a second opportunity in life for the other partner. In essence, there is no ideal moment because it is entirely up to the couple.

Can a Renewal of Wedding Vows be Done Anywhere?

Renewing your vows is possible in a place of worship, on the beach, on a mountain, or in your backyard. The location of a vow renewal ceremony is fully up to you. There are no restrictions whatsoever.

Who Can Officiate a Vow Renewal Ceremony?

Anyone can perform a vow renewal because it is not a formal ceremony. You can enlist the help of a relative or friend, hire a celebrant, or even book the same marriage celebrant who officiated at your wedding.

Plan Your Wedding Vow Renewal with Us

A vow renewal ceremony can be designed as either a lavish celebration or a private ceremony enjoyed just by you and your spouse. There are no regulations or limits, and since you’ve already had your wedding day, you’re under no obligation to use conventional wedding components like bridesmaids or Bomboniere. There is no need to obtain an additional marriage licence when renewing your vows, but if you want a lavish ceremony, you will need to prepare as you would for any wedding.

But worry no more. We at Marriage Celebrant Melbourne, together with Dwayne Nichols, can help you plan your vow renewal ceremony. We can arrange the ceremony and take care of all the preparation to enable you to focus on what is important and enjoy your special day. Contact Dwayne at 0400 831 402 to get started with your wedding plans and preparation.