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The Perks of Having a Winter Wedding in Melbourne

27 April 2022

Choosing a winter wedding date in Melbourne can bring you multiple perks and advantages. First of all, it is always easier to schedule a wedding in winter, the least popular time of year to get married. When you pick a winter date for your special day and celebration, you will have no worries about your photographer or caterer already being booked.

Major Perks of Booking a Winter Date for Your Melbourne Wedding

The major perks of booking a date during the winter for your wedding in Melbourne include the following:

• Discounted Booking Rates. When you book your Melbourne wedding for a date in winter, you will most likely get reduced rates. The wedding venue, caterer, florist and more are very likely to give you a reduced rate. They are glad to have the business during this least popular time for scheduling a marriage ceremony and celebration.

• Better Travel Prices for Guests.
Your guests will also benefit from a winter date for your wedding in Melbourne. Airline, train and bus tickets are all less expensive at this time of year. Hotel accommodations are also less expensive during the winter season. Your wedding party members and other guests travelling from out-of-town locations to be part of your special day will undoubtedly enjoy good cost savings on both travel and accommodations.

• Great Wedding Photography Benefits. Even the most upscale photographer will be pleased to book your wedding date when you decide on a winter date. You will not need to change the date of your wedding after its initial booking due to conflicts with other couples getting ready to tie the knot. Even a high-priced photographer is likely to offer you a sizable discount due to your winter booking.

• No Worries about Flowers and Hairstyle. Both your wedding hairstyle and flowers will stay fresh and beautiful throughout your wedding ceremony and celebration. The crisp, cold temperatures will keep your hair in perfect place for your ideal ultra-stylish look.

At the same time, your wedding flower arrangements will create a look of complete joy and beauty throughout your marriage vows and through the reception, dinner and your departure on your honeymoon trip.

• No Wedding Exhaustion. A large number of your wedding guests will probably be relieved that you have chosen a winter date for your wedding. During the spring and summer seasons, their calendars are most likely filled with approaching wedding dates of close friends and relatives.

They often develop “wedding fatigue” from the need to attend too many weddings within a short time. However, they will feel fresh and rested for attending your winter wedding minus any problems with fatigue.

When you consult our experts at Marriage Celebrant Melbourne, you will receive excellent advice and assistance for planning your winter wedding date. Our experienced team will guide you in selecting the ideal winter date to completely satisfy and even surpass all of your desires, expectations and needs.