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Things You Need to Know About Hiring a Marriage Celebrant for Your Big Day

19 July 2021

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Naturally, you want to make sure that the celebrant you’re reserving is completely qualified. The key term couples should search for is ‘Authorized Marriage Celebrant’. This guarantees that the celebrant has finished the training course and has been confirmed. To review a full rundown of celebrants, go to the Attorney General’s site. Other than qualifications, couples may also think about the celebrant’s experience.

There are various factors couples’ strength be keen on considering – the quantity of weddings a celebrant has finished, their period as an authorized celebrant, past couples’ testimonials and encounters, comfort with public speaking, and so on.To assist you with that, below are the things you need to know about hiring a marriage celebrant for your big day.


Cost is an important factor for most couples with regards to planning their special day. Each celebrant has their own price.


You’ll also need to know what exactly your celebrant is answerable for! The last thing you’ll want is issues with the legality of the marriage or any of the paperwork. A celebrant will assist with the Notice of Intended Marriage, Declaration of No Legal Impediment and two Official Certificates of Marriage. If theat seems daunting – it won’t be for your celebrant. With the right, most up to date identification documents, a smoother process is likely, but the your celebrant will assist you to navigate the legalities.

Legal Contracts

Before long before your wedding, your celebrant will also need to finish your Declaration of No Legal Impediment. On the big day, the celebrant should also go through all the legal finalities. The wedding certificate should then be signed. After the ceremony the celebrant will post the paperwork with Births Deaths and Marriages.


This is something that most couples probably won’t know, however you’re able to change (almost) everything – aside from the celebrant’s formal announcement of themselves and the legal phrasing of the vows. Every other part can be personalized and there is no traditional design that has to be followed. If you want to walk in with llamas, have a mid-function belly dance, you can add or subtract whatever you like.


Your celebrantcanhelp you with your vows. Most celebrants will give you a vow template for couples. Many people want to have a go at writing them first and then, at that point go to the celebrant for feedback to make sure they’re the right tone, length, and style to match each other.