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Wedding Flowers’ Meaning and Symbols

19 August 2021

If you are planning a wedding with personal touches, consider personalising your wedding flowers, too. But rather than basing your choices on flower colour and fashion, let each flower’s significance and inform your selection. From your bouquet in your arrangements, there are a lot of approaches to infuse your personality and symbolise something personal.

The “language” of flowers has been around for hundreds of years. During Victorian instances, plants had been used to explicit emotions while phrases and gestures failed. Today, many couples comply with this romantic exercise and create bouquets and centrepieces with plant life whose meanings have little importance to them. While flowers with a love connection, like roses and carnations, are famous, there are numerous different meaningful traits like new beginnings (daffodil), religion (iris), and perseverance (hydrangea) to take into account.

Baby’s Breath

This popular bouquet and centrepiece filler—which signifies festivity—is all too often just there to assist the bolder flowers. But with tiny white clouds for petals and its utility in flower crowns or different decor, make it eternally popular.

Calla Lily

When people think about a “wedding ceremony flowers,” this bloom regularly comes to mind. With its trumpet form and stylish air, the calla lily stands up to its meaning: regal.


Far beyond being only a lapel decoration, carnations may be known collectively for a lush look that is affordable. The crimson variety expresses gratitude and white means love. However, stay away from stripes, which represents refusal. Apparently.

Cherry Blossoms

Couples who want to contain these delicate crimson buds, which signify the fragility of life, into their décor higher act fast: They’re handiest around for a few short weeks inside the spring.


A cousin of the daisy family, the dahlia originated in Scandinavia”from the valley,” making it ideal for a marriage with a garden theme. These huge, formidable plants bloom in the summer season to make for a terrific seasonal statement.


If ever there was a flower that made the world smile, it is this quite little element. With dainty white petals, a yellow middle, and a means of innocence, the daisy’s free spirit vibe maybe a stunning addition to a wildflower bouquet, and it works perfectly with casual weddings.


If you want your bridal bouquet to tell the world the way you feel about your better half nothing says it better than purple roses, which characterise passionate love. Pink (admiration) and white (purity) say loads, too.


If it’s spring, it’s tulip time. This darling beauty comes in many colours, every with a unique meaning. Among them: Red means declaration of love, yellow is sunshine, and the varied type symbolises lovely eyes.