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What are the Pros and Cons of a May Wedding? Consult Marriage Celebrant Melbourne

04 April 2021

There are huge loads of pros and cons to a wedding any season; many relying upon where you live. We’ll investigate only a couple of pros and cons to picking the fourth month of the year for your pre-marriage ceremony.

Pros of a May Wedding

A few venues may not consider it a top season and therefore offer marginally less expensive costs. It’s the shoulder to the peak October – March season. Fewer couples get married in May than April, so you run to a better chance of getting a clear wedding date. You’re also clear of Easter and school holidays.

It may make easier to get time from work, too – a bonus when you factor in future anniversaries!

Cons of a May Wedding

The footy season has started in earnest, so keeping the focus on yourself for the weekend may be a challenge. Keep an eye out to avoid clashes with Mother’s Day plans too. As with April, you still a chance for mild late autumn weather – but as always with wedding in Victoria have a plan B for sudden early winter chills.

The autumn months were not too far behind the spring months in terms of choice, with both April and September being equally as popular as each other. Weddings are a key life event: they formally mark the beginning of the commitment to a shared a life with someone you love and respect. That can be a daunting proposition for some! Consult Marriage Celebrant Melbourne, I’m here to help you. As a marriage celebrant, it’s our job to lead couples through the marriage process and ensure the day’s ceremonies are enjoyed in full. If you’ve committed to taking the plunge, we are here to help.