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How to Plan a Memorable Summer Outdoor Wedding

01 December 2022

Many Australian couples and brides and grooms worldwide prefer summer weddings as their wedding day. Only approximately 5% of Australian weddings occur in the colder months of June and July, making a summer outdoor wedding the ideal option for the big day. So, if you are one of those people who wants to celebrate the most memorable day of your life during the summer season, read along as Dwayne Nichols, a reputable marriage celebrant in Melbourne, will share with you some of the tips on how to plan a memorable summer outdoor wedding.

Choose a Special Wedding Location

Your outdoor wedding planning will be greatly impacted by the location you choose. Aside from the setting and decorations offered by your destination wedding venue, other aspects can make a huge difference, such as whether or not they offer accommodation services, whether they have an in-house wedding planner, whether they use reputable local vendors, top catering, etc. Make sure you plan the venue carefully because your wedding venue and reception matter so much that they can make or break your special day.

Be Certain That Everyone Can Hear

Sound is one of the minor concerns with an outdoor wedding in the summer. Make sure you have a dependable and high-quality audio system for saying your “I do’s” out loud and entertaining guests with music because wind, background noise, and the need to maintain social distance these days due to the Covid-19 outbreak can all make it difficult for your guests to hear at an outdoor wedding. You don’t want them to miss that moment you accept your partner’s love on your very special day.

Consider Using Adding A Bridal Canopy

Most outdoor wedding locations already have a bridal canopy, which acts as a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony and can be customised to match your wedding’s style. For example, you can hold your ceremony in a stunning hand-carved timber wedding pavilion at some exclusive resorts or outdoor locations. You enter the pavilion through a stunning palm tree-lined, mosaic-tiled walkway.

Always Have a “Plan B” Handy

Having a backup plan that you love just as much is always a smart idea, just in case the weather threatens your ideal beach wedding. Suppose you want the ideal location for your first dance as a married couple or need to transfer your event indoors. In that case, there are alternative venues that provide a stunning marble ballroom that is accessible to all visitors.

Get Creative with the Outdoor Lighting

Using creative lighting techniques outside to create a lovely, fairy-tale atmosphere is one of the greatest summer wedding pieces of advice. Lanterns, tea lights, and fairy lights are all lovely and romantic lighting options. Don’t hold yourself back with the lighting.

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